Happy Mothers Day

May 15, 2006

We called earlier today to wish Charu "Happy Mothers Day".  Her very first.  Arun and I hope that it was wonderful, and that you were out enjoying the day as a family. 

 Baby Talvin – that's what your cousins, Ronak, Sonia, and Tej – call you, we can't wait to meet you.  We all talk about you and think about you many, many times during the day.  Just a few days till Arun, Ronak, and I come to your home to be introduced.  We wish you were closer so we could see you and know you continuously.  But we won't let distance come in the way of being together – and we are happy that your parents dreamed up this blog as one way for us to get to hear about the moments and events.

 It's bedtime now, Talvin – although not probably for you nor for your parents.  So I'll conclude this posting on the note that we look forward to seeing you play, fight, cry, laugh… with Ronak, Sonia, and Tej – much as they do with each other.  They can't wait to have you on their team (against us, probably!).  You four are brothers (and sister).



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