Approaching 3 weeks.

May 16, 2006

 It's great to read people's posts. Hope they keep coming.

  Talvin had some 'tummy-time' today and enjoyed it immensely. Him holding his neck up for three second straight should qualify as an Olympic event in my opinion. This coincided with some nude time, which ended in three cloth diapers being put in the wash within 10 minutes. What a guy. Puja Aunty called on Sunday (great to hear her voice), and I told her how watching his arms move while sleeping feels like a noteworthy event. Otherwise he doesn't do much, but still manages to be cute. The only time he isn't cute is when he's peeing on us while putting on a diaper, which results in changing his (and often our) clothes. This happens more often than I would have imagined. What a guy. 

 Yesterday was mother's day. Talvin gave his mom and nani some gifts but otherwise slept through it – the prodigal son. Nani left yesterday afternoon and Talvin is missing her. The next time he hiccups (which is often), it will mean that he's thinking of her. 

 We have noticed a clear difference in his ability to focus his eyes on objects. He looks more intently and for longer periods of time. He doesn't look long – less than 10 seconds before he changes his focus – but it is longer. 

 That's it for now. He's sleeping in his mother's lap after being fed.  



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