Counting the days….

May 17, 2006

…until we meet Talvin, that is.  I'm in Portland but still find time to smile at Talvin's photos.  What a looker.  Most people don't look good in hats, but he makes it work.  All the attention and focus on Pawan and Charu that ensued when they were a newly married couple has now shifted entirely, and I bet they wouldn't want it any other way.  Voice and data lines across the globe are streaming Talvin.  He is being showered with love from all directions.  And as one would expect from a true master of the universe, Talvin remains aloof to it all.  Content just to shower his parents with urine.

Talvin, I never foresaw the strength of the bond I felt with my own children immediately following their births.  And I never expected to feel that same bond with you, as I have not even had the priviledge of holding your hand or cradling you in my arms.  But the bond is there, and your Koshi Aunty, big brother Ronak and I can't wait to meet you in person.  You can save the showering for your parents, though.

Are you enjoying your baths yet? Or do you still cry? Have you cracked a smile yet? Are you way into the trendy colors, black & white? So much to learn when we see you for the first time, this coming Friday, May 19th.  Remember,we're family, so you can forgo the formalities.  Take off the hat.  No diaper required.  Be yourself, now and always. 

With love,

Arun Uncle


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