The Interview

May 21, 2006

I'm happy to report that Charu's press credentials were able to get me, Pawan, a few minutes with a very busy person, to discuss Talvin. The following is an interview with no other than Ronak Dhingra. He is age 4, eldest son of Arun and Koshi Dhingra, and is Talvin's cousin. He escorted his parents here over the weekend of May 19th. His insights offer a needed, nuanced perspective on Talvin that only Ronak can offer. We thank him for his time.

What did you do today with Talvin?
           I touched his toes.

Were his toes big or small?

          Small. And I touched his hands.

Were his hands big or small?

          Big! No, they were small.

What else did you touch?

          I touched his nose.

Was that fun?
Are you visiting him in Texas?
          No. I'm in Cleveland. In Ohio.

How did you come to visit Talvin?
           I flew to Cleveland. I drove in the Volkswagen to Cleveland. I got out faster. I ran in. And I saw Chachi. Now we are in Ohio.

What is Talvin doing now?
           I'll go check. He's drinking his milk.

What is Talvin wearing?

           I'll go check. White pajamas.

What else did do you with Talvin?

           I played with his car puzzle.

Was it your puzzle before?

Are you glad that he has your toys?

Will you come back and visit Talvin?

            Yes. Tomorrow you'll have a big Talvin.


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