1 Month Old

May 26, 2006

Talvin is one month old today. It's hard to tell if it feels that the time has gone quickly or slowly, but one thing for sure is that it's impossible to imagine life w/out him. He is 21 inches tall today (2 inches more than his birthday), and weighs 8 lbs, 13ozs (which is almost 2 1/2 lbs more than his birthday). He is awake much more during the day and focuses on objects more intently, especially sharp contrasts of colors. He cries more now for no apparent reason, but is able to be solaced with enough cajoling. The pediatrician, whom we saw today, said he is doing well. We were listening to some Bob Dylan recently (see previous post), and later I was holding Talvin. It was amazing to think that at some point, Bob Dylan was a tiny baby, one month old that someone was holding. I don't expect Talvin to be the next Dylan, but it was a cool thought.

His tauji, taiji, and bhaiya (i.e. his uncle Arun, aunt Koshi, and cousin Ronak) visited last weekend, and Koshi remarked that in the short time that they were here, she noticed a difference in how long he was awake and alert. Since he is awake more, he spends more time in various motorized chairs, being entertained by mobiles and fuzzy objects, being read to, and of course eating. Thanks to his taiji for sorting through various toys.  It was fun to have family visit and enjoy everyone's company.

Finally, Talvin enjoyed his first movie theater last night. He took us to see Mission Impossible 3 at the local theater, which fortunately is too old to have dolby surround sound and only shows one movie. He slept through the first half and ate through the last half. All in all, it was a successful outing. While it's nice to get out with him, playing with him in the living room while he's awake and with his mother is the most fun. He reacts to rattles, our singing (which sounds like torture to others), and general smiles more and more. It's been a really nice first month.



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