Reflections on Talvin

May 30, 2006

I've met the little man in person, and let me assure you that Talvin is more beautiful than his photos.  His Taiji and Ronak bhaiya and I spent a wonderful weekend with Talvin and his two hand servants, Charu and Pawan.  Even while asleep, he captures the room.  You can't help but smile when you gaze at him.  Given his sleeping during the day, feeding, and being changed often, there were too few precious moments to play with him.  But what great company he was – attentive to new toys, a sweet, innocent look, and never fussy.  I encourage anyone who hasn't had the priviledge to pay him a visit….

Koshi and I forgot how small and cute babies were.  Charu remarked that she had a tough time believing Talvin would one day be as old as Ronak.  The converse was true for us – we can't believe our children were ever so small and new to the world.  On the flight to Cleveland I told Ronak he had to be gentle with Baby Talvin, just like when he petted the bunny rabbit.  He took the words to heart and was very sweet with Talvin – touching him gently and with a big smile.  He enjoyed pushing Talvin in the stroller and looking at him in his play pen.  Even today Ronak brought me his blue teddy bear and announced it was Baby Talvin.  Talvin obviously made a great impression.

Charu and Pawan were great.  Despite lack of sleep and the usual stress of being first-time parents, they were great hosts and hilarious company as usual.  They managed to prepare a great outdoor grilled dinner and delicious pasta brunch.  Pawan even biked to neighbors' homes to fetch videos for Ronak and to borrow a ladder so he could climb to the roof to retrieve Ronak's toy airplane (a gift from Talvin.)  Again, I encourage everyone to visit….

We miss you, Talvin, and look forward to seeing you at your Masi's wedding in July! Be careful or you'll steal the show. 


Arun Tauji


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