The Sportsman

June 9, 2006

Talvin is very excited about the start of the NBA finals and the World Cup. He is just over 6 weeks old this week and his athletic skills are in high gear. He is awake much of the day, with a clear preference for being held than lying in a bassinet. He can be sleeping in your arms but will wake up five minutes after being put down, arms and legs waving as if he's ready to suit up and play point guard for the Mavericks. When awake in your arms, he's very squirmy and attentive. He lies on his stomach and shows the beginning of crawling as he kicks his legs out and lifts his head. When I lie on my back and his stomach on mine, he is able to push off my bended knee and move up towards my head. That sounds relatively boring but it feels like a sign that he could join the American soccer team and take on the Czech Republic.

Talvin got some good coaching the past weekend from his mosi and soon-to-be mosaji, Shalini and Jim. They met him for the first time and within a day and a half became a natural with Talvin. They gave a couple of nice stuffed toys for him, including one with his name stitched into it.

Otherwise things progress well and regularly with him here. He is getting some nice strolls with the beautiful weather and has been enjoying playing outside as well. He also had a shower with me (and didn't pee!!), which was a great way to give him a bath. Besides a case of baby acne, he looks great.




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