Practically 2 Months of Talvin

June 23, 2006

Talvin would write his own post this time, but he's too distraught from the Mavericks losing the NBA finals that he rather be alone. Right now he is in the 'pack and play' downstairs sleeping. It's just after 9pm. I have spent the whole day (and previous night) solo with him, which I do twice a week, since Charu has gone back to work part time. Daddy daycare is going well. It is great to have this time together. He is notably longer and heavier each week. He kicks his legs and moves his arms around all the time when awake.

Once fully awake, his day is a combination of sleeping for an hour, waking up screaming in hunger, having a diaper changed, eating vociferously on the bottle with his eyes squarely on either it or me (making sure I make no sudden movements), and then wanting to be played with before eating or sleeping again. Playing involves talking and singing to him, showing him things to look at (including himself in the mirror), putting him on his back or stomach, and dancing around to music.

The night times are not as exciting. We had heard from friends that by 2 months old, their kids had turned the corner and slept longer at night. We thought Talvin had done so a few days ago. For two nights in a row he slept for 5hrs straight at night. If he had turned a corner, he went in reverse recently and is back to his 2 – 3 hr stretches of sleep before waking up demanding to be fed. He downs his milk at 2:30am and then expects to be held, for he is wide awake for about 1/2 an hour. Luckily he is very cute, otherwise someone could get upset at such a situation.

Talvin is also experiencing cloth diapers for much of the day. We started on a trial basis yesterday and it's been a success. It should feel better on his skin than paper/disposable ones, as well as other advantages that make the extra work to put them on and clean worth it. The unintended consequence of using puffy cloth fabric underneath a vynal cover is that his ass is now huge under his clothes! Needless to day, baby's got back. Another less attractive development has been a case of baby acne a couple of weeks ago. No big deal (luckily baby prom isn't for a while). Despite his appearance, he has the self esteem to be seen in public. We have taken him into Cleveland a couple of times, to dinner a few times, to friends' houses, and around town.

Finally, for father's day I received a most excellent gift followed by brunch at a local restaurant. Talvin and his mother made a huge father's day card out of posterboard. On the front are pictures of me with him in various activities (feeding, changing, playing…), and the inside has lots of printouts of emails that friends (including some of you) wrote to me and vice versa regarding the announcement of Talvin's birth. The printouts are in different font sizes and styles, and Happy Father's Day is colored on the cover and inside as well. It's a keeper and great to revisit.

So, all is well is Talvinland. Hope all is well in yours.



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