His Mosi’s Wedding

August 7, 2006

Talvin is just over three months old and already has experienced one the most significant events of his family’s life, the wedding of his mosi, Charu’s sister – Shalini. Shalini married Jim on July 30 in Minneapolis. The wedding was outdoors in 100 degree temperature, after spending a week in a home without air conditioning. The only person not to complain was Talvin, who handled it with style. He entertained every one of Charu’s aunts and her grandmother who was there. There were 4 generations present, and that may have been the most significant element of the event.

Pictures are at www.oberlin.edu/faculty/pdhingra. The pictures are nani and Talvin; the grandkids (which is a picture of my parents and all of their grandkids, who came for the wedding); and grandmothers, which is self explanatory (and very cute).

As one can imagine, going through a wedding and it’s multiple events while staying in a home with 8 people (plus Talvin), in 100 degree heat with no air conditioning can be a bit stressful. Everyone commented that upon seeing Talvin, you couldn’t help but release any tension and soak up his warm glow. He was cared for at every turn. He also met Dave Kennedy-Logan, Jennifer, and their daughter Beatrice. Seeing such great friends and having them see Talvin felt like closing a missing link in the experience of having a son, since such a good friend for over 15 years with his own kid witnessed Talvin.

The flight to and from was only with Charu; I came and went separately. She says he was a calm passenger. She fed him on takeoff and landing, and managed the numerous bags without a problem. Other developments that one may find interesting is that the little man can now turn over to his stomach from his back. He is making lots of noises, smiling constantly, and is much more alert than before. Of course, many of these things are only interesting for the parents.



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