Two feet of Talvin

September 16, 2006

Talvin turned four months old a little while ago, and at his pediatrician’s appointment he measured 24 inches. The fact that we can now measure him in terms of feet and months as opposed to inches and weeks (and at one point days) is just another sign that he is getting older quickly. Even though he is still far from even half a year old, he shows the sign of advanced age. In addition to his vitals (he weighed in at almost 15lbs), he is developing and changing according to schedule. He roles over from his back to his stomach as soon as you turn around. This previously took him about three or four minutes to be fully on his stomach when he first was figuring out how to turn over. Now it’s as normal to him as sucking on his fingers, which is he constantly doing. Constantly. In fact anything he can get his hands on ends up in his mouth. He sticks my knuckles in his mouth, his mom’s chin, the phone, toys, and even his own toes. He inspires me to learn yoga so I too can stick my toes in my mouth. Looking at Talvin, you have to assume that toes are delicious.

It is somewhat eerie to think that he is this old and hasn’t got sick once despite having flown twice, been handed around like a bag of groceries at Shalini’s wedding, and shifted seasons from the pitch of summer to the beginning of fall. It’s eerie b/c I know that sooner or later he has to get a cold or something, and I know it has to happen sooner than later. But in the mean time it’s great to watch him engage with his surroundings. He laughs a lot, especially when you talk to him in high pitched tones. He is eating and sleeping very well. He is on a sleep schedule, which has been a bit of a challenge to get him on. We realized that he wasn’t sleeping as much as he probably should, or at least wasn’t learning to sleep on his own which at this age is something he can learn. He now sleeps pretty regularly with three naps during the day and is out for the night around 8pm. He falls asleep pretty fast during the day but fights it at night. Getting him to go to sleep has involved letting him cry for a bit at a time, which is a strain on him and us. But he has been a quick learner and we don’t let him cry for too long before we try to comfort him.

One last note is that he is now going to a daycare person for about 6hrs/day. The first day was Monday (today is Friday). I took him there, took him out of the carseat and gave him to her. He looked at her and after a minute his eyes widened, got watery, his bottom lip went under his top lip, and then he started to cry. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You could tell it was coming but it seemed to take forever to happen, but still too quick to stop it. I took him back and he stopped after half a minute. I later gave him back to her and the trains wrecked again. She fed him and he calmed down and has been fine since. Apparently he doesn’t trust strangers unless they give him food. Can’t blame him.



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